Love – Have Good Intentions DP

The Justice


Love – Have Good Intentions

It could be that you are looking for your future soulmate. You are trying all means to get noticed by others, but it does not seem to work. The love advice you were given does not appear to be effective. Time for a pause, and look inside you for answers. Could it be that you are looking for romance for selfish reasons? It may be so. You are unaware of it, but others can see through you. The Justice of the Universe gives you your due according to your intentions. Before you rush into romance, ask yourself if you are motivated by love or by something else. What motivates you to connect with others? What is your intention? Others can spot if you genuinely love them for who they are. Insecure people seek romance to fill up an inner void, selfish people go in to possess others like property, and those seeking convenience only exploit their lovers. You will be avoided like the plague if you are like that! Only mature people with sincere love will attract a partner into their lives.

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