Love – Hold Before Confessing

The Hanged Man

The hanged Man

Love – Hold Before Confessing

Have you ever taken a romantic interest in someone? It seems that you have. There is a person out there whose charm has captivated you, and now you want to rush into falling in love. But being hasty can be harmful, and not all people are who they appear to be. All that charm and niceness they display, it may well be a mask. The real character can be a terrible person to live with. As the Hanged Man is held up by the tree branch, so must you hold your feelings first before confessing. Get to know who the real person is behind the facade. Chances are they are probably hiding something dark. Fall in love only with those who are sincere and honest about themselves, and whose quirks you can accept. Everyone else who tries to woo you is likely a trap!

Just as the Hanged Man is suspended by the tree branch, so too must you hold your emotions in check before confessing your feelings. It is imperative to embark upon a journey of discovery, peeling back the layers of this person’s persona to uncover the truth that lies beneath. Take the time to truly get to know them, beyond the surface-level enchantment. Engage in meaningful conversations, explore their values and beliefs, and observe how they navigate through life’s challenges. By doing so, you may uncover aspects of their character that were previously concealed from view.

Beware, dear seeker, for not all who charm and entice are genuine in their intentions. Some may wear masks, hiding their true nature behind a veil of charm and charisma. It is crucial to discern whether the person before you is sincere and honest, or merely a master of manipulation. Trust your intuition, for it can often reveal the truth that lies beneath the surface.

When considering matters of the heart, it is essential to embrace authenticity and sincerity. Seek out those who are transparent and open about who they truly are. Look for individuals whose quirks and idiosyncrasies you can embrace and accept, for it is within these nuances that true compatibility lies. Do not be ensnared by those who seek to woo you with false promises and hidden agendas, for they are but traps that can lead to heartache and disappointment.

Hold steadfast, dear seeker, before confessing your love. Take the time to uncover the authentic essence of the person who has caught your eye. Be patient in your exploration, for true love blossoms when rooted in genuine connection and mutual understanding. Allow the wisdom of the Hanged Man to guide you in discerning the path to a love that is honest, profound, and enduring.

Remember, dear seeker, that the journey of love is as much about self-discovery as it is about connecting with another. Embrace your worth and honor the depths of your being. Only then will you be able to recognize and attract a love that is worthy of your heart? Trust in the wisdom that unfolds before you, and holds to the truth that resides within.

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