Love – Put Your Strength in Your Relationships DP

The Emperor

the emperor

Love – Put Your Strength in Your Relationships

Slow, lame, going nowhere. This is the current state of your romance at the moment. It no longer has the flame that made it so great in the first place. You and your partner feel like you are just going through the motions everyday, like an empty ritual without any affection in it. Well, the Emperor speaks from his throne, and tells you to put your strength into it. It is time to stop being apathetic and to try putting effort into making your romance livelier. It can be as simple as starting with random acts of kindness for your partner. You can also do surprise dates, strolls, or give gifts out of the blue. Or you could try doing new activities or hobbies together with your partner that you would both find interesting later on. Whatever it may be, pour everything you can to make your romance interesting. What you give keeps the flame strong.

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