Love – Sudden Boost! DP

The Wheel Of Fortune

wheel fortune

Love – Sudden Boost!

You want to get closer to your love interest. You want to attract a happy romance into your life. But it appears to go badly. All of your efforts fail and you keep on going back to square one. The Hand of Fate, however, has its plans for you. The Wheel of Fortune is spun, and the forces of the Universe are moved to boost you up. Suddenly your love interest notices you in a positive way, and you start a friendship that grows into something bigger. Or a set of lucky circumstances show up and get you the attention of others who may want to date you. Anything can happen with you once luck is in play in your romantic affairs. It is a great wonder when situations can change and push you closer to what you want. When the Wheel of Fortune spins in your good direction, grab the opportunity and boost up your rush into the arms of Love!

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