Mut Reading 15 DP


(22nd – 31st January and 8th – 22nd September)

Determined, goal orientated, and calm.

Wealth and Career

Patience and calm leads to proper decisions. Haste and panic leads to ruin. You are probably tempted to make rash decisions on money today. Spurred on by fear and by your worries about the future. Before jumping in and going crazy, check your sources first. You are probably getting misinformation about your true state of affairs. Your problems are exaggerated in your mind. Calm down, and try to see what your real situation is before doing anything with your wealth. Falling for rumors has been the downfall of many people.

Love and Relationships

There is this urge to hide under a rock. Shyness is one major obstacle that prevents you from finding love. You have this view that people are out to intimidate you. That one is an absurd illusion. The Universe is kinder than you think. Be not afraid to open up and take risks. Show your best self to get friends and lovers.  Life only reflects the worldview you show to it, so put out that view where love is at the core of it all.

Health and Protection

Your body is dyed by the color of your thoughts. Feed it with good and positive ideas, you gain good health. Feed it with negative and depressing ones, and expect to get sick. What you feed yourself also reflects on the outside. Are you eating enough vegetables, or is it all unhealthy food? Check what you put into yourself today, material or immaterial, and make sure it is conducive to your better wellbeing.

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