Osiris Reading 24 DP


(1st – 10th March and 27th November – 18th December)

Intelligent, and trustworthy.

Wealth and Career

Luck is an unpredictable mistress, and when she decides to bless you it comes in shocking surprises! There will be big breaks in your financial life right now. They will come once you step out of convention very now and then. There will be people who will help you with lacking resources and provide guidance in matters related to many and starting new ventures. Preferably, businesses involving creative arts, food and drink, or manpower services will be profitable for you to go into right now.

Love and Relationships

The jewel is found among the pile of rough stones. The one for you is out there among the faceless crowd. If you are looking for a romantic partner, do not be afraid to go into group activities, large meetings, and other social gatherings. The one who is meant to be yours is out there, waiting to be found. Start with simple connections, and then build it up. One day, the bonds will be strengthened.

Health and Protection

The world heals as time passes. The same thing will go for you as well. Your health will be restored to you this week, bit by bit and slow but surely. Take your rest, and do some self care. The health problems that bothered you earlier were fed by stress, by irrational worries about money and the future. Release the pressure, and let tomorrow take care of itself. The real care to be given is to yourself first.

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