Pig Reading 9



This is the twelfth animal of the Chinese Horoscope. The Pig is a devoted pursuer of high goals. They have an amazing trait of focusing all of their energy and resources towards achievement, but at the same time they are still capable of showing compassion and charity towards others.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

This is a time to learn new skills on the job. You may find it easier to master them right now because of your current high spirits and enthusiasm. Big problems can be solved easily today, too. Formerly difficult challenges will become more manageable to confront. There is a hopeful spirit and a desire to help others in your workplace, so do make good use of this time.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Keep your ears open. Your soulmate and your friends want to sincerely help you. Good advice is in the air right now, you only have to hear it and use it. Have time for talking to others and for reconnecting again with your loved ones. They may have wisdom you could not find elsewhere you look. The best guidance does not always come from books or experts, but from people close to us who truly care.

Health, Safety, and Protection

There is a happy energy in the air. No health problems or safety issues can happen to you today. Feel free to try new things and do enjoyable physical activities outside. Your doctor or fitness instructor will be generous enough to guide you on certain matters to improve your wellbeing, so do give an open ear to them now.

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