Sekhmet Reading 54 DP


(29th July – 11th August and 30th October – 7th November)

Chatty, fun, and positive.

Wealth and Career

What is small must never be underestimated. Every little detour, every little item may just be the key to your prosperity. Those old junk in your attic could be valuable antiques worth millions. A simple chat with a friend can lead you to a good job or the start of a new business. Even buying a lottery ticket for fun can bring you an unexpected reward. You can never know what you will get.

Love and Relationships

A sharp tongue can hurt like a sword. Do you feel like nitpicking on your soulmate right now? You can never tell what careless damage you might cause! Have some patience, and keep your inner critic under control. Try your best to say what is constructive. It can help avoid problems in your romance later on due to the thoughtless words you might try to say.

Health and Protection

Your willpower will be tested today. People and circumstances will try to drag you back to the bad habits you let go a long time ago. Be it drinking, smoking or whatever vices it is, a trap will be set for you. Do your best to avoid temptation, and seek other activities which will be good for your health. A walk in nature and a drink of clean water are both a hundred times better than partying like the devil.

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