Sekhmet Reading 7 DP


(29th July – 11th August and 30th October – 7th November)

Chatty, fun, and positive.

Wealth and Career

The gods never fail, but the material things of this world do. Do you have tools that you use at work? Have you checked the water and power in your place? These are all prone to breakdowns and problems at this moment. Do not ignore the first signs of trouble. Anything left unfixed can drain your money, time, and resources later on. Take action and get them repaired.

Love and Relationships

We are all individuals with our own will. No one and nobody should be a puppet. Your partner and those close to you may not have time or attention reserved for you at this moment. They will all attend to their own obligations elsewhere, and this can be frustrating for you. But then, have some control over your selfishness, and give them the freedom to do what they must do. You are not the center of the universe, after all. They are there when you need them when the time is right. 

Health and Protection

Life is not complete without its problems. So it is with your health. You will have some aches and pains, or certain bothersome conditions that will pester you right now. It can be due to anything from bad habits, to stress, to bad environments. Be not mindless of the causes, or the warning signs. Try to change what can be changed, and to seek help whenever necessary. The maladies that affect your health should not impede on your happiness and productivity.

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