Seth Reading 50 DP


(28th May – 18th June and 28th September – 2nd October)

Freedom-loving, and adventurous.

Wealth and Career

Those who play unfairly will soon be dealt with unfairly. Your workplace and business are filled with temptations to do what is unethical. The profits you may gain are quite attractive, but are you willing to take the risk? Some rewards are not worth pursuing, most especially when the consequences of your actions catch up to you one day. Have some honesty and decency in what you are doing. Going overboard for the sake of cutthroat competition will make you crash in the gutter someday.

Love and Relationships

This is a harmonious time for your romance and your social connections. Your efforts to maintain goodwill with your friends and to strengthen the bonds with your soulmate have paid off. Keep up the good work, and treasure your relationships. Do what you can to make them happy. They give you stability and care in an otherwise unstable and cruel world.

Health and Protection

This is a calm and well balanced moment for you. No aches and pains, no dangers on the outside, and no stressful feelings to sort out. A good time to see things clearly and rationally. Make use of this to do what duties you can and choose what you want to do while you are calm within. Uneventful moments are blessings in disguise.

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