Snake Reading 40



The sixth animal of the Chinese Horoscope is a keeper of mysteries and secrets. Those born under the Year of the Snake are blessed with wisdom and intuition. They are known to hide their thoughts well from other people.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Insecurities are a pain. They can meddle in your plans to get wealth and success. Do not let them stop you. Trust in your skills, your learning and mentoring, and the people who work together with you. You have gone this far and have made it in one piece. Do not let your past struggles go to waste. Run for your goals and say no to your fears!

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Romance comes with its own set of responsibilities. It is not for the fainthearted. Act more like an adult, and be a responsible partner. Your soulmate will appreciate it if they are with someone strong and noble, and not some whiny brat. Try also to study practical skills and improve your financial situation. Prepare yourself for future marriage and family life if you are still unmarried. 

Health, Safety, and Protection

Worrying about getting sick actually makes you more sick. Anxieties about your health are often more harmful than you think. Do not be too quick to listen to silly health claims or get into fads that may be dangerous. The tried and tested ways of caring for yourself are always better and safer. If you think that stress is affecting you badly, then get rest. Relaxation and recreation are powerful medicines in their own right. 

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