Tea Leaf Reading Meaning 3

tea leaf reading

meaning three


Open yourself up to happy surprises today. A message bearing good news will come and give you deep joy with regards to your future success. Expect also gifts or assistance that you never thought you will have. Be ready to share your good fortune with friends on one hand, and keep an eye out for insincere people near you on the other. There will always be parties who are either happy for your success or secretly jealous of it, so do act with wisdom and caution. 


Hidden in plain sight, quiet, and watching. You will always have secret admirers and lovers in your life. One or a few of them might surprise you today! Take note of any hints, look out for any signs. There will be someone who will come out and admit their feelings to you. Be open to any messages of a romantic nature that you will receive. It may well be your lucky break if you are also looking for a romantic partner to share your life with. On the other hand, filter out certain people carefully and read between the lines. A few of them may be traps that will lead to a toxic relationship.


A lot of things can happen today. You may receive some news or messages with regards to your health. If you had check ups in the hospital, it can be a warning that you must make changes in your lifestyle in order to prevent worse things from happening to your body. For those who are seeking to improve their fitness levels or more natural ways at self care, you may learn about new health trends that may appeal to you. Do not rush into them too quickly, however. Check first if they really work and if they suit your current conditions.

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