Angel Message Of The Day : Cleanse Your Inner-Self

Archangel Ariel 


Beloved child, purifying, cleansing that which surrounds you does not serve your highest and best good if you do not also cleanse and purify your Inner-Spirit


Cleanse your Inner-Spirit with prayer, meditation, walks in nature, sitting in the silence, soft gentle music, purging negative thoughts and emotions.  


Do not allow all that has come before to weigh you down.  


Place all that no longer serves you in a basket. 

Imagine there to be a stream, set the basket upon the stream. 


As the basket floats upon the stream, release the need to gaze upon the contents of what has come before.  

Walk forward towards all that awaits you.  Walk towards the light of my brethren and me and that of Divine Source


Allow all that you are, your core essence, the light which shines forth to guide your way this day and all the days before you.

Amanda Cooper

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