Angel Message Of The Day : Sense Of Self

Archangel Metatron 


Breathe deeply, beloved child for you are whole and complete.  You are created in the likeness and image of the Divine. You are whole and complete.  


There is nothing you lack.  There is nothing you need to do, or have.  


Lack is the perception of being without that which you desire. 


All is within you.  All is given to you for the asking.  

Do you look at you and see what is not yet manifested?  


Or do you look about you in gratitude for all blessings bestowed upon you?  


Do you give thanks for this moment of life, the gift of seeing, the gift of hearing, the gift of touch?  


Do you seek guidance in all you do?  


Are you open to receiving the guidance you seek?  


Do you seek without first giving to you and to others?  

Do you ask and then close your eyes to all that surrounds you?  


Do you extend the hand of love to those in need? 


Your sense of Self, knowing you are whole and complete as you are at this moment is the greatest gift of all.  


Giving to you and to others becomes an act of loving kindness.  

Treat you with the same love, mercy and compassion you would freely give others.  


As you give first to you, giving of yourself to others does not deplete you.  


Breathe deeply beloved child… you are whole and complete.

Amanda Cooper

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