Angel Message Of The Day : Sense Of Self

Archangel Metatron


Breathe deeply, beloved child, for you are whole and complete. You are created in the likeness and image of the Divine. You are whole and complete as you have nothing to fear. You have been given all necessary to fulfill your purpose on this earth from your sense of self. There is no need to worry or be anxious about anything, as that will result in a lost sense of self. All is well in your world, and the Divine one will never leave your side. You may have forgotten who you are, but that is because you have been lost in a dream of fragmentation. Be brave, dear one. Be gentle with yourself as you awaken from this dream of fragmentation and realize that you are a whole and complete sense of self.


There is nothing you lack. There is nothing you need to do or have. When you realize that nothing is lacking in your sense of self, then it becomes easier to change things so they reflect what you desire. It is what makes you human and alive and conscious of the world around you. It gives rise to emotions like love, joy, sadness, and anger. It allows you to feel what you need and want out of life; it allows you to experience life as an adventure instead of a chore or a burden. There is only one thing you can do: Be yourself and be closer to the Divine one. And when you are, your sense of self will be full of joy and meaning.

Lack is the perception of being without that which you desire. It’s not a fact; it’s a feeling. And it is a feeling that can be changed with a shift in perception. Controlling your unwanted desires and trusting the Divine One may help you lose the temptation. When you give in to your desires, you may possibly lose your sense of self. However, if you manage to contemplate and have your faith arise in the Divine one, this will strengthen your sense of sense from lack.


All is within you. All is given to you for the asking. Do you look at yourself and see what is not yet manifested? Or do you look about you in gratitude for all blessings bestowed upon you? The Divine One is a mirror of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Your life is a reflection of what is within you. If you do not like what you see in your life, then look within. There you will find the answers to all problems, solutions to all dilemmas, and the power to transform your life into exactly what you want it to be. The world around us mirrors our sense of self because we are one with it; our outer world reflects our inner self exactly as we think and feel at any given moment. We are the cause of everything that occurs in our lives; no one else has any power over us except as we give them power through our thoughts and actions.


Do you give thanks for this moment of life, the gift of seeing, the gift of hearing, the gift of touch? Take a moment to stop, breathe and reflect on what you have and what you have to be thankful for. You may often be caught up in the past or future, lost in your thoughts and worries. Yet you have this moment, right now, to be grateful for what you have and who you are. You can be grateful for this moment of life, the gift of seeing, the gift of hearing, the gift of touch. You can give thanks for this life that you are living right now, given by the Divine One. You want to be grateful for your life and all that you have. You want to enjoy every day as if it could be your last. You want to live your life fully and passionately. Give thanks for this moment of life, and this will fulfill your sense of self and bring you closer to the Divine One.

Do you seek guidance in all you do? We are all guided by something, whether it’s our thoughts, feelings, or desires. Even if we do not realize it at first, these forces will eventually lead us on a path that is right for us if we let them. Although, we must be wary of our inner thoughts as they can be good or bad. The most important thing is to listen closely to the Divine One and then do what feels right according to your conscience and gut instinct. Do you ask and then close your eyes to all that surrounds you? If you feel like something is wrong, but your mind tells you otherwise, then chances are that it is wrong. We have been given an inner sense of what is right or wrong because it makes us feel good when we do things that make us happy. Are you open to receiving the guidance you seek? Do you seek without first giving to yourself and to others? It may be complicated and hesitant at first, but with enough trust and increasing your faith in the Divine One. You may be able to break through this. 


Do you extend the hand of love to those in need? Giving guidance and help to others increases your sense of self. What is a sense of self on this? This may let people know how you are and how you may be their motivation for their sense of self. When you help someone, you feel as though you did something good, and that makes you feel better about yourself. This increases your confidence and your empathy towards others. This also brings you closer to the Divine One. Your sense of Self, knowing you are whole and complete as you are at this moment, is the greatest gift of all. Giving to you and to others becomes an act of loving-kindness. This feels like an accomplishment for your sense of self wherein you were not expecting from anyone else after helping them. It shows you have come far. This is also a sign of how strong your sense of self is. You should also treat yourself with the same love, mercy, and compassion you would freely give others. As you give first to yourself, giving of yourself to others does not deplete you, and you are demonstrating a sense of self-efficacy when you believe you are. Do not keep hesitating on yourself. Breathe deeply, beloved child. You are whole and complete.

Amanda Cooper

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