Angel Message Of The Day : Take Flight



Be like the breeze, gently playful among the trees with soft melody for the Soul.  


Close your eyes and imagine the breeze playing upon your skin. 

Allow all thoughts to simply be lifted from you. 


Allow all emotion to smooth, blending with your entire Being. 


Allow your Spirit to float among the treetops. 


Look about you, do you not see differently than when your feet were anchored into the soil beneath the trees?  

Do you not feel free to take flight?  


Allow your Spirit to discover your heart’s desires.  Allow you a sense of renewed passion for all you desire.  


Be willing to weather the storm of uncertainty.  


Be willing to soar to new heights.  


In the releasing of what was, you open the way for that which is before you.  


Take flight dear one, for you are given wings to soar above all that would hold you from your highest and best good. 

Be strong for in strength there is grace, mercy and compassion.  


Be willing to endure the pitfalls of perception for they attempt to distract you from your path


Open you to all you desire for it is already given to you in the Realm of Spirit.

Amanda Cooper

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