Daily Horoscope Cancer 3

Cancer 3


Hold your legs and pincers, Cancer! You have been clouded with worries and confusions that may rip apart close relationships. Be cautious with your words and try to be composed at all times. You should refrain from blatantly acting out of emotions, otherwise, you will risk losing people you have been cherishing for years. Try to step back for a bit and reassess the situation completely, take a breather perhaps? Surely you wouldn’t want to make regrettable actions that could have been avoided had you not made hasty decisions out of uncertainty and fury now, would you?

Utilize your energy and plan significant meetings. Ideally, evenings, yes? Start preparing for the greatest pursuit of your life this week by organizing an out-of-town trip with your lover, family or friends or altogether! You can have bonfires by the beach with marshmallow smores, play truth or dare or scare the living soul out of your friends by sharing the scariest ghost stories. Hmmm. How does a movie night sound for you? You might want to get your tickets soon and spend your evening under the moonlight with your friends or lover in a drive-in cinema.

Who says we can only wear pink on Wednesdays? It’s not Wednesday today and while you are out preparing for an appointment, with your family, with your lover or friends which you have not been getting in touch with lately, best to call the lady luck on your side and win her favor by wearing something pink and you’ll surely get that much-coveted outcome!

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