Daily Horoscope Scorpio 19

Scorpio 19


You need to get rid of the nervousness you are feeling at the moment, Scorpio. Agitation and restlessness will become significant nuisances the moment you rise out of your bed to start your day. While you have decided to be less pessimistic since the holiday season began, a few individuals may be up to no good and are likely to negate this optimism you have built for weeks within you. 


Be wiser with the use of words as grudges or frustrations from the past may be manifested in your actions or statements. Ensure utmost mindfulness and composure at these crucial times. You may establish stronger bonds and grow a sense of trust and understanding by being open, sensitive and transparent. 


While you do deserve to relax within the comforts of your home, it will be better for you to spend the day outdoors, Scorpio. Why not join that long-planned, afternoon coffee with your college friends? Your company will surely improve the atmosphere! Nostalgia will also surely hit home as you share stories of the past. Once the sun’s down, why not continue where you left off in a nearby restaurant for dinner?


While you have been nurturing that daring self in you, it may be quite difficult for you tonight. Eros has made it a bit more challenging as your partner may be feeling a bit naughtier than usual. Why not go for the wilder side this time by getting that love shackles or deep red blindfold? Or maybe that furry bondage quietly nestling in your cart for weeks now? It may be the best time for you to manipulate the environment as well. Go ahead and dim the lights or instead, light that scented candle you have been saving for your anniversary! 

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