Daily Horoscope Scorpio 22

Scorpio 22


The thing that you need to do right now is face forward with confidence, Scorpio. You will be enormously overwhelmed by all your responsibilities that might take a physical and mental toll on you. Striving to balance life, work and home will prove to be a challenge as you try to multitask and juggle between the 3 aspects of your responsibilities. 

Be mindful of your health as you may be charging face first towards career development that you may catch a cold in the process. It will be good for you to take rests in-between and plan out a balanced meal to aid energy replenishment, gearing you up to dive into work!

Your partner may be feeling a little troubled today. Blessed be your high sensitivity as you are able to catch a glimpse of melancholy despite the passive behavior your partner has been exhibiting as of late. Reach out in a lovingly supportive manner, Scorpio. Your gentleness will aid your partner in engaging in a deep discussion of what troubles them. You will need to be present at these times as such situations are doable only with the efforts of two. 

You have such intense energy today to do whatever you desire, Scorpio. Testing out the waters will be too overbearing for you since you have been in a loop, going back and forth from choices made on impulse. Take your time to really think things through before you act. Keeping your wits to yourself will aid in both early recognition of aspects worth keeping and old habits requiring further modification. Better opportunities are coming your way, so be sure to always be prepared to take them on!

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