Eastern Astrology : Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra – The star of patronage

The phrase “latter auspicious fruit” can be rendered as “Uttara Phalguni.” Similar to Purva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni is a karmic nakshatra in which a person reaps material rewards for their good deeds.


Aryaman is the god who rules this nakshatra. The meaning of the word “Aryaman” is “A close friend.” Aryaman is the defender of mares in the Veda. Varuna, Brihaspati, Bhagya, and other Adityas are frequently invoked along with Aryaman. 


Aryaman is referred to as a witness in Hindu marriages. It is said of him that he is “the protector of secret Laws.” Marriage has a specific connection to the Phalguni nakshatra. The Phalguni family presided over the event when the daughter of Sun was wed to Soma. The Grand Wedding was attended by Shiva and Parvati after their marriage.


This nakshatra is associated with extremely polite people who care about things like behaviour, hospitality, etc. Since Aryaman, the god of favour and benevolence, is this nakshatra’s governing deity. These locals were typically born into wealthy families and are endearing and well-spoken. They are frequently spotted with their companions since they are quite social and find it difficult to be by themselves.


Like its presiding deity Aryaman, Uttara Phalguni is a balanced constellation. People are good and sympathetic, and they try to maintain a balance by offering and receiving assistance. These people are not egotistical. They recognise and cherish the importance of partnerships and relationships.


An individual with this nakshatra is intelligent, well-organized, and diligent. Despite the fact that this nakshatra belongs to the sign of Mercury, it is also linked to the vitality of Mercury. Natives are not violent because of this; instead, they make use of the Sun’s energy to increase their output.


Due to a clear and sensible grasp of their boundaries, people born under this nakshatra often develop perfectionistic tendencies. They put forth a lot of effort to improve their karma’s results since they recognise its importance. They are able to comprehend, sympathise with, and lessen the suffering of others. However, there is a chance that these locals would turn to drug misuse to mask their issues.


This nakshatra is fair and balanced. Natives of Uttara Phalguni dislike abusing others unfairly. They support others and uphold the principle of fairness for all. These indigenous may be patronised by others and receive enormous fortunes. Uttara Phalguni nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets


Divisions of Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra:

  1. Jupiter, the planet, rules Pada 1. This pada compels someone to walk the morally upright path of dharma. These people frequently hold high moral standards.
  2. Saturn is the planet that rules Pada 2. The native is realistic because of this pada. These indigenous do not have an egotistical tendency.
  3. Saturn is the planet that rules Pada 3. An individual becomes organised and sincere thanks to this pada. Most of the time, these people are drawn to helping others.
  4. Jupiter, the planet, rules Pada 4. An individual becomes beautiful and charismatic thanks to this pada. They frequently possess strong moral principles and desire to assist others.

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