Finances – Learn to be Content DP

The Sun


Finances – Learn to be Content

You are not in lack. You are, in fact, in a state of abundance. There is more than enough money in your account, your personal property is secure, and you are not wanting food and basic needs. Is there a reason for you to covet, to desire for more, or to worry about the future? There is no room for greed and anxiety under the Sun. Do not work yourself too hard, you already have more than enough. It is time for you to relax, to be grateful for what you have, and find happiness in contentment. Rejoice in what is already provided for you under the light of day. Learn also to be generous with the extra you own. That will ensure that abundance flows into your life with no urge to hoard more than you need. Be a contented monk who goes with the flow and not a Scrooge!  


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