Hapi Reading 53 DP


(1st – 7th January, 19th – 28th June, 1st – 7th September, and 18th – 26th November)

Loving, kind, and understanding.

Wealth and Career

Good things often just fall into your lap. It could be a promotion at work, a breakthrough in business, a profitable idea, or material blessings of all sorts. Such is the nature of luck, it comes without warning and gives you gifts that you do not even think you deserve. Every now and then, the Universe gives you happy reminders that blessings of abundance are real.

Love and Relationships

Every now and then, someone will help you in your search for love. We cannot do everything by ourselves. We often have weaknesses when it comes to impressing others to like us. A guidance from a friend, a wise person, or a good elder can refine your ways of attracting lovers. Do not be too proud to admit your failings. Be ready to learn the tricks to win in romance from others.

Health and Protection

Balance is important to you right now. Your body and soul are particularly sensitive to the discord and impurity of the world at large. It can leave you sick and unhappy. You can always choose yourself in the end, and put your self care first before returning to the battle. Eating vegetables when everyone else eats too much excess will keep you clean within. Going to places of solitude to reflect will remove the chaos of the spirit. A temporary retreat to replenish yourself is a wise move that allows you to win in life.

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