Health – GIve Yourself Time to Heal DP

The Hanged Man

The hanged Man

Health – GIve Yourself Time to Heal

You are going through something right now. It could be a long physical illness, a period of mental distress, or you are recovering from an injury that left you temporarily disabled. The light at the end of the tunnel seemed too far away. You desperately want to regain your former strength, your happiness, and the very life you left behind before that unfortunate moment. It feels terrible, like a Hanged Man dangling upside-down, stuck and hopelessly nowhere. The painful wait is giving you anxiety. But do not lose patience, never lose hope. True healing takes very long to happen. It has no set schedule. You can only do your best by taking care of yourself during your long rest. The anxiety of impatience only worsens things. Give yourself time and compassion. The Universe will restore you to wholeness eventually. 

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