Health – Reassess Your Lifestyle DP

The Hanged Man

The hanged Man

Health – Reassess Your Lifestyle

You are under the weather a lot this week. Low energy, out of shape, and with all kinds of minor and major maladies. It seems that your body is like an old car that has not had maintenance work on it for years! Time to get a better perspective, and see where all had gone wrong in the first place. See the whole picture like the Hanged Man watching from the sky. Maybe the problem is somewhere with your lifestyle, and the Universe is telling you that it is high time to make changes. It may mean that you must alter your diet or sleep routines, or that you need to get more physically active. If you are having problems such as severe allergies to pollen or mental and bodily malaise due to stress, then it is time to move away from those toxic environments. The point is to see where your health issues are coming from, and to change your life so that you can be healthier. 

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