Eastern Astrology : Revati Nakshatra – The Wealthy Star

Revati Nakshatra refers to someone who is wealthy and prosperous. This nakshatra bestows fortune, abundance, and money on a person as its core name says. Goddess Revati was Kukudmi’s child. She is in charge of the underwater kingdom. She is from the suryavansha, often known as the solar dynasty. Revati is also Lord Balarama’s spouse.


Pushan, a god, is in charge of the Revati nakshatra. He is the lord of secure voyages and the defender of the animals. He enriches a native’s life with money, abundance, and protection. Pushan allegedly has a broken tooth. Rudra, also known as Shiv, broke the teeth in retaliation for his father-in-law not inviting him and Parvati to the yagna.


A pair of fish serves as the symbol for this nakshatra. This represents the fusion of the personal soul with the collective soul. The highest spiritual nakshatra is this one. Fish also stands for development. The drum, a symbol of time and regular activity, is another representation of this nakshatra. 


Pushan, a god of safety and protection, is the ruler of Revati. These locals are compassionate and frequently provide their protection and assistance to others. They can actively take part in adoption and foster care.

Pushan is the god of good roads and safe travel. Revati natives have a strong propensity for travel because of this. Pushan also drives the vessel carrying the dead to their destination. He is the one who guarantees the soul’s safe passage into the afterlife. This nakshatra’s natives are able to work in the travel sector. These locals frequently relocate abroad and are unable to maintain a single job. One of the most advantageous nakshatras for developing physical skills is this one.


Children of Revati indigenous can experience health issues. They are the zodiac signs with the strongest spiritual preferences. These locals like lending a hand to others without anticipating anything in return. They offer those in need shelter and security. People have difficulty concentrating and falling asleep, and their minds are always wandering. They naturally gravitate toward music. Revati nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets


Divisions of Revati Nakshatra:

  1. Mars is responsible for Pada 1. This pada increases the momentum of this nakshatra. This pada is associated with extroverted and daring personalities.
  2. The planet Venus rules Pada. 2. Because of this reason, the locals are charming and engaging. The people of this pada tend to have materialistic desires.
  3. Pada 3, which is in the third house, is ruled by Mercury. This pada aids in rationalisation. These people typically have a confident demeanor and a realistic attitude on life.
  4. The planet that dominates Pada is the Moon. 4. As a result of this pada, one develops sentimentality and attachment to other individuals. They genuinely care about the people around them.

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