Monkey Reading 23



The ninth animal in the Chinese Horoscope is a fast learner. Those born under this animal sign are naturally curious and enjoy acquiring new knowledge and skills. On the bad side, they also have a love for mischief and practical jokes.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Have some faith in yourself. You have more than enough skills, training, and inner strength to succeed in your goals. Courage and willpower are the only things you lack. The tools you need to win are already under your nose. A bit of self awareness is needed in order to find them. Be open to people who are likely going to be supportive of your future plans. They are among those who can appreciate your good points and direct them towards the higher purpose they are meant to perform.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Taking out your loved one for a special event is a good idea right now. An evening date or trip to a nice public place can do wonders. Act in accordance with your most generous impulses. Random acts of kindness will be greatly appreciated by your friends. Be not afraid of losing other people’s trust. Those who are truly on your side value you even without saying it

Health, Safety, and Protection

You are stronger than you think you are. Resilience is written in the blueprint of your soul. It may well be that you are going through problems involving your health, or that you are carrying a mental burden that feels too great. Have more faith in yourself, and do not let those things weaken your resolve to heal. Do what you can to help yourself for now, and leave the rest to the Universe. The problems of your inner world will resolve itself so long as you learn to find peace.

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