Monkey Reading 48



The ninth animal in the Chinese Horoscope is a fast learner. Those born under this animal sign are naturally curious and enjoy acquiring new knowledge and skills. On the bad side, they also have a love for mischief and practical jokes.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Communication is the order of the day. Listening to the suggestions of others and presenting your ideas clearly to your teammates is important for success. Rather than solo projects, you will have a better chance of striking it big with collaborations and group works. The best kind of wins are those that are shared with our neighbors.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

You are sociable and open today. Now is the perfect time to listen to what your romantic partners and friends want to tell you. Do not push your opinions on them for now, but be there with an open heart. You are also not in a mood to be alone right now. If you can, do some fun activities with your social circle or have dates with your soulmate. Enjoy the good things that come with your social connections and treasure them.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Emulate those people with good habits. Be it with proper grooming, healthy eating, or those who simply know how to care for their wellbeing properly. Seek the advice of a fitness instructor or your doctor too with regards to improving your health. Keeping yourself in good condition is not a solo act. You need the help of others also.

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