Monkey Reading 50



The ninth animal of the Chinese Horoscope is a lover of new knowledge and mischief. Those people born under the Year of the Monkey are naturally curious and value learning and education. On the other hand, they have an unpleasant tendency for practical jokes and trickery.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Being a control freak is bad. You can only do so much when it comes to success in career and business. Life is unpredictable, and those whom you work with are people with their own lives as well. Trying to put all things under your absolute control will only backfire. Give room for freedom and some tolerance for mistakes. Going with flow and rolling with the punches will prevent you from breaking to pieces during hard times.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

A listening heart can help you with your burdens. This is an anxious time for you. Dealing with problems by yourself is not a good idea. Your romantic partner and your close friend do care about you. Seek them out, confide in them, and let them listen to your troubles. They will always go out of their way to sympathize with your situation. They may even give advice, so do pay attention to what they have to say. 

Health, Safety, and Protection

There are just some things you could not handle in your life. These include issues with your health too. You can do all you can to improve your condition, but then it may take time for you to recover. Calm down, and do not fret over it. Healing comes at the proper time. Worrying about your health needlessly can only worsen things. Being relaxed and mentally positive in your outlook actually encourages faster recovery.

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