SCORPIO 3 What kind of partner do you look for in a relationship?



What kind of partner do you look for in a relationship?


Scorpio people, bearers of the water element and the eighth astrological sign, are recognized for having deep and enigmatic personalities but are actually soft and affectionate from within. They frequently seek out companions that share the same depth and intensity of feeling. Above all else, they place a high importance on honesty and authenticity in their relationship, and they constantly seek partners who share these values in order to further fortify their romantic connection as a whole. Emotional intelligence is one of the primary qualities Scorpios seek out in a companion. They are looking for someone who can relate to them deeply on an emotional level and who can comprehend their demands and feelings without the need to phrase it out clearly for them to be understood. This is so because Scorpio individuals are very attuned to their own emotions and expect the same from their partners. Furthermore, Scorpios place a high significance on their partners’ independence and sufficiency as these are qualities that demonstrate an excellent and efficient character requiring minimal supervision. They like someone who is confident in themselves and capable of standing on their own two feet rather than someone who is needy or clingy that constantly requires supportive aid to accomplish something. Knowing that their partner is not solely dependent on them for everything gives them a sense of security, assurance and confidence in the relationship. Such forceful personalities who are not afraid to take initiative and be a leader are highly appreciated by these compelling Scorpios. They value a partner who feels comfortable expressing their feelings and desires and someone who is albeit confident will continuously persevere to further improve themselves.

Truth and transparency is a crucial attribute that Scorpio individuals search for in a partner. They desire a loved one who will stick by them regardless of how bad things may get and will share their joy with them during the good days. Scorpios require a companion they can trust to practice confidentiality and will be careful with their feelings because they can be quite sensitive, private and guarded. When it comes to relationships, Scorpios seek a partner who is prepared to make a commitment and pour in the effort necessary to create a solid, lasting connection. They want someone who will work hard to maintain the emotional bond and who will refuse to give up the relationship when difficulties emerge to test their strength as a couple. 

These assertive yet sensitive individuals prefer mates who are, though vulnerable, are more than capable of having an intense connection as they are. They are looking for someone who is open to discussing their deepest thoughts and emotions as well as being emotionally open and vulnerable in a relationship. This enables Scorpios to develop a strong connection with their partners and provide the groundwork for a committed, long-term relationship. Foremost, they desire partners who are emotionally intelligent, autonomous, dependable, dedicated, self-assured, open-minded, and able to engage in intense intimacy. They seek a companion who can equal their depth and intensity on an emotional level and who can cooperate with them to create a solid, lasting relationship.

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