Seth Reading 48 DP


(28th May – 18th June and 28th September – 2nd October)

Freedom-loving, and adventurous.

Wealth and Career

This is an opportune moment for you now. Many things are being aligned in your life so that you can have success and prosperity. You are just unaware or stuck in your own laziness to notice them. Get up and open your eyes, you do not get a chance like this in your life most of the time! You are called to do the work, and not to delay your own achievements.

Love and Relationships

Practicality must partner with idealism. If you are in a long term relationship or are newly married, always remember that love is not just about warm and fuzzy feelings. There are responsibilities and basic work to be involved for as long as you are together. Train yourself for chores, basic budgeting skills, and level up on your education and getting a job or business. Learn about parenting and child rearing as well.The hardships of love can be carried by those who are prepared. Make yourself a person worthy of your partner in life.

Health and Protection

Charity begins at home. Before you help others, try to help yourself first. You have been draining your mind and body in trying to serve others sincerely and faithfully. It is a noble thing, but you will eventually fail once your wellbeing breaks down. Look at yourself in the mirror, the person you see is also deserving of your care and kindness. At the end of the day, take care of your needs and fix what needs to be fixed within you. You can serve others better if you are in good shape.

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