Short & Sweet: Traits of Aries

Aries is the first symbol of the Zodiac, the Ram.

This sign covers the Equinox, March 21st, and the beginning of Spring. And Spring– with it’s energy of rebirth, as winter ends and flowers bloom– is the perfect example of energetic and freedom-loving Aries.

Aries people are just like Aries the Ram, and on fire like their planet, Mars.

They go after what they want. With their confidence and spirit, they make natural pioneers, and unstoppable enemies in a fight against tyranny.

They can get so caught up in the quest that they don’t realize the foolhardy mistakes they’re about to make.

Aries make excellent entrepreneurs; it’s a natural talent for someone with such a strong focus on initiative and leadership. They thrive on challenges and love to win and excel.

They don’t react well when forced to wait, and can have trouble accepting advice.

Aries is the first sign, the one that leads the Zodiac, and like their sign, those born Aries like to lead as well. They would never be content leaving their adventurous quest for a dull and quiet desk job.

Amanda Cooper

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