Snake Reading 53



The Snake is the most secretive of the Chinese animal signs. They are mostly fond of keeping their thoughts to themselves and their opinions secret. On the plus side, those born under the Year of the Snake are wise and intuitive.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

The Universe is sending you difficult conditions today. A lot of things are not in alignment. People may treat you badly, and your plans may not be fulfilled to the exact letter. Be not dismayed. Be flexible to change and remain calm. Issues can be solved by deeper research and quiet troubleshooting. If your problem is with other people sabotaging you, offer a listening ear. Oftentimes, solving another person’s burdens or being charitable to them can lead you into more opportunities for your own benefit. Do it and do it sincerely.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Your soulmate and your friends may be grumpy today. Life can be nasty, and they give problems to the people around you. Have some tolerance, and always be ready to listen or help. Not everyone is as strong as you when it comes to confronting the harshness of reality. You have the power to affect them positively, so use your inner voice and your wisdom to guide them out of their dilemma. Everything will be fine with them in the coming days.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Be careful on your way out today. The Universe is a little bit wonky right now. It may get a little bit more accident prone for you, and more mishaps can happen that may endanger your safety. Keep your eyes open and be mindful of your steps. This is not a good time to end up in the hospital! By tomorrow it will be over and you can relax by then.

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