Tea Leaf Reading 6 smooth

tea leaf reading


The road is not always smooth. There will always be a few potholes. So it will be on your career and money path. There will be minor problems and issues that will delay your work for the time being. Some bit of patience and common sense problem solving will be required if you want to come on top of the situation. Do not let these get in the way of your plans, do not let your emotions run wild when these bother you. These are only temporary and you will overcome them soon if you handle them in a cool and rational manner. Never give up working for your goals in spite of the tiny inconveniences and delays.


Minor tests and trials arrive once in a while if you are in a romance. There is a chance that you will have small irritations and inconveniences that will put you at odds with your soulmate. These are not serious and cannot damage your relationship, but it can lead to overthinking which will bring tensions with the other party. Have some patience and maturity at this moment, and learn to show tolerance and kindness to your romantic partner. These will get you through until all things are returned to harmony in the end.


A few imperfections pop up even when you are doing well. There is nothing serious that will affect your well being or safety for now. However, you will experience a few minor issues and pinpricks every now and then. It could be some allergies, a mild migraine, or some tiredness from too much work. Rest if you can, and do take proper care of yourself when they bother you. It is all temporary, and any discomforts you may have will pass.

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