Tea Leaf Reading 7 schedule

tea leaf reading


Good things will come to you, but they arrive at their own schedule. You may be waiting for the results of your hard work, or you may be expecting money or other valuables to be delivered to you. Real life is imperfect, and there may be delays before they end up at your doorstep. This is a test of patience, and a time to wait and do other productive things. Do not let the anxiety and overthinking ruin your good mood for more useful activities. What is meant for you will come without you obsessing too much about it.


Moods change like the clouds in the sky. The temperaments of the people around you do so too. Your romantic partner may go through such swings today, and it may cause a lot of inconveniences and petty quarrels that can spoil a lot of things. Be calm, patient, and extra understanding. Try to talk to your loved one and help solve any problems they have if you can. Romance is not only about the happy moments, but learning how to weather out the hard ones as well.


Good things take time to manifest, you cannot always predict when the fruit of your works will come. The results of your work out or diets may not appear all at once. Even your health regimen will not always show its benefits immediately. Do not be tempted to give up, but just continue with your new good habits. Consistency and your body’s own schedule will show you the results later on.

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