CANCER 3 How should you deal with jealousy?



How should you deal with jealousy?


Dealing with jealousy can be challenging for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for people who are innately born with such an emotional depth and sensitivity. People born under the fourth astrological sign and bearer of the water element, known as the Crab, may demonstrate behaviors that implies dismay, disappointment, caprice, and resentment due to their delicate and sentimental nature whenever situations that can be perceived as a potential threat on breaking their connections apart occurs. They may tend to feel as if they are tormented in circumstances wherein their partner is being taken away from them and therefore would increase the likelihood of these emotional Crabs to exhibit possessive and clingy behaviors. 

Jealousy may arise when Cancer individuals believe that their relationships, assets, or even their own self-worth are in jeopardy. Due to their intense emotional commitment to the people they love and their strong need for stability and security, the Crab may experience envy when they come across situations that may result in a potential loss. First and foremost, Cancer people will need to initially identify where their jealousy came from. Are they acting out of worry and fear of losing something, or is their relationship actually in danger? Once they are certain of the underlying cause, they may get to work on fixing their problem. The Crab should also aim to minimize comparisons on any aspects that may negatively impact them because they frequently give rise to feelings of jealousy which will be detrimental to their well being. They should instead focus on their own relationship with their partner and the love and affection they both share as a sign of adoration. By appreciating each other’s originality and the unique qualities they each bring to their relationship, they can gradually reduce jealousy and deepen their bond.

Furthermore, Cancer individuals must also understand that no relationship is flawless and that jealousy is a normal part of all interpersonal relationships, may it be romantic or completely platonic. It is important that they practice compassion on oneself and learn to forgive themselves and their relationship rather than letting jealousy control their actions. Instead, they should put their efforts into forging a strong union that is grounded on love, truth and benevolence. Before Cancer can deal with their such feelings of jealousy, they must first acknowledge and embrace their own feelings. They need to understand that envy is a common emotion and has no bad effects on one’s character as well as easily manageable should they learn to properly reflect and embrace their feelings in its entirety. Additionally, The Crab will greatly benefit from making their personal safety and self-care the center of focus while establishing health-seeking behaviors manifested by their desire to pursue holistic strategies for wellness and growth. By prioritizing their own needs more than others, doing what they enjoy, spending time with supportive friends and family, and working on their self-acceptance, jealousy can be minimized. Finally, Cancer people should remember that jealousy is a normal emotion that can be managed. They can cultivate healthy strategies to curb their enmity and uphold fulfilling connections with time and effort.

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