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The Hierophant

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Finances – Seek a Mentor

You jump into your career and enter the trade as a beginner. The rewards that you will get for going in are worth the risk. But then you lack the skills. You have no idea of the basics. No clue in what direction should you go. The Hierophant steps into your life and embodies what is missing: you need to have mentors. Look for someone who is an expert in your field and learn from him. Seek advice from those who have succeeded in the job before you. Why feel completely lost when the paths to profit are already laid out to you by those who came ahead? Heed their guidance, and do as they do. You may well become a success like they are in the future! Your handling of finances also needs mentoring. Get lessons from those who can manage money properly. Take note of how they save, spend, and invest hard-earned cash. You may hit it big in your career, but it will be pointless once you lose your gains!

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