Hapi Reading 42 DP


(1st – 7th January, 19th – 28th June, 1st – 7th September, and 18th – 26th November)

Loving, kind, and understanding.

Wealth and Career

Everything that happens has a lesson for you. Success and failure both contain valuable learning experiences. If you lose money, find out where you did wrong, learn from it and never repeat it again. If you do reap profits, find out what you did right, make it standard practice, and keep on improving on it. Life teaches you things that will later give you prosperity and happiness.

Love and Relationships

Being stoic and insensitive may not serve your romantic interests. Falling in love is an intense emotional experience. Having empathy and learning how others feel is an important step to creating bonds. No one wants to love a stone-faced brick. Open up your feelings, bring down your defenses, and let others sweep you off your feet. It is time to dance with a whirlwind of romantic emotions.

Health and Protection

Your feet deserve some special care today. Walking and running around at work can leave you feeling exhausted. All of the strain and literally the stress and weight of the world are inside your shoes. A nice detoxing soak and a foot spa could do wonders. Foot massages for the tired portions are also great.

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