Health – Deal With the Imbalance DP

The Moon

the moon

Health – Deal With the Imbalance

Too much work and no play? Eating meat more often and less vegetables? Or is something off inside you that is medically not normal. Everything must be in moderation; the inner world must be in harmony if you seek good health. Just as the Moon and the Sun keep the skies in order, so must you seek balance in your life. How do you attain it? Make some changes in your lifestyle. Try to get the right amount of everything, and that includes rest and a proper diet. If something is off within that is making you ill, consult with your doctor for guidance so you can properly remedy the problem. Or on the other hand, move away from the stresses of your daily routine and reconnect with nature to heal your inner self. If it works to fix the imbalance, do it!

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