How do you prefer to celebrate your big anniversaries? DP



How do you prefer to celebrate your big anniversaries?


As an Aries, you prefer to celebrate your big anniversaries with a little bit of drama. You like to make a big deal out of them and have everyone know how much this day means to you. You tend to go all out on these occasions, and you love making sure that everyone else has fun too. You love to start new projects and ideas, and your biggest anniversaries are all about celebrating the beginning of something new in your life. You prefer to celebrate everything that is important to you, including your anniversary, in a spectacular way. You want everyone to understand how significant this is to you and how much time and effort went into making it so.

As an Aries, you love to celebrate your big anniversaries with friends and family. Whether it’s gathering everyone together for a dinner party or spending the day outdoors in nature – celebrating special occasions surrounded by those closest to you is always your top priority. For more intimate celebrations, you also like getting away from it all and booking some private time at a luxurious spa getaway or romantic beach destination – whatever helps show how much you appreciate the people who have been there for you throughout the years.

Aries, return to the location of your wedding. The location of your wedding vows will always hold particular meaning for you two. Make reservations for a special meal or a private dining experience if it’s a hotel or restaurant. Alternatively, if your wedding was in a particular area, arrange a vacation there. The next option is to schedule a spa day. Most likely, you two might benefit from a day off and some pampering. Make a reservation for a couple’s package at a nearby spa and spend some time relaxing and rejuvenating together. You’ll feel renewed and a little bit closer when you depart. This can benefit you and your spouse much, as well as your physical and emotional wellbeing. Aries, you have the ability to make someone tense up. If you prefer adventure (or even if you don’t typically), engaging in an adrenaline-fueled activity together is a terrific way to strengthen relationships. Taking a rollercoaster ride, skydiving, ziplining, hot air ballooning, or even kayaking, as an example.

Take a road vacation, Aries. It’s usually a good idea to travel together to commemorate your anniversary, but you don’t have to go too far. Even a short road trip to a nearby city or town can be enjoyable for everyone. Take off without a strategy in mind to make it even more impromptu. But remember to pack some food. You can watch the wedding video again. Make it a movie night, but the main attraction should be your wedding video. If you have children and want to include them in your anniversary celebration, this might be very enjoyable because they might not have seen the film before. Add some fun by serving movie snacks, and remember to remember and share some daytime tales that might not have been captured on camera.

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