How do you prefer to celebrate your big ARIES 2? DP



How do you prefer to celebrate your big anniversaries?


As an Aries, you are a natural leader and have a fiery personality. You are bold, assertive and ambitious–and this is reflected in your approach to celebrating your big anniversaries. You like to make a big deal out of everything that matters to you, including your anniversary. You want everyone to know how much this means to you and how much work has gone into making it special. You want the whole world to know how important this day is for you.

As an Aries, you tend to prefer celebrations that are filled with energy and boldness. For bigger anniversaries, something more extravagant such as organizing a grand ball or throwing a large party for all your friends would be ideal. Planning creative surprises for the day also adds an extra layer of excitement. Spending quality time alone with your partner is another way you would like to celebrate your special moments together – nothing beats the joy of being in each other’s company on these occasions. Since you are very happy with your partner, anything is enough.

Write each other a love letter, Aries. You will understand how special it is to take some time to reflect on the specific reasons why you love your partner and how you envision your future together if you write your own vows. Why not follow the same example for your anniversary? Instead of exchanging vows, write each other a letter and read it aloud to one another. Combining this with calm activities like hiking or observing the sunrise or sunset can be enjoyable. Next, you can also plan a photo session. Most couples will only have professional photos taken on their wedding day and during their engagement. But an anniversary is a perfect justification to take some newer, non-selfie pictures of the two of you. Pick a nice location, put on some makeup, and then just unwind as your photographer catches your natural dynamic.

Aries, catch a concert or show. Book a concert to go to together if there is a genre of music you both like, whether it be rock, jazz, or classical. Bonus points if a song from your wedding playlist is played by the band or ensemble! Another choice is going to the theater, or how about a comedy show? You can also throw a gathering. We often reserve anniversary celebrations for significant life events. However, if the epidemic has taught us anything, it is to cherish each and every second you have. So why not host a cocktail or dinner party for family and friends in your home or at a nearby location? You can either keep it small and straightforward or go all out with a theme, décor, etc. You and your companion can unplug at the end. The most crucial part of your anniversary celebrations, no matter what you do, should be spending time together. So turn off all of your gadgets and spend the day in bed, go camping in the woods, or set up a picnic in your backyard to watch the stars.

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