Love – Jump into Your First Love!

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Love – Jump into Your First Love!

It was your first time experiencing it. The giddy, happy feeling when that person is there. The chemistry you get whenever you are together. A part of you that is scared of risk tells you not to go in, but a deeper part of you says that it is more than okay to do it. Most of the time, you are the type of person who does not like taking risks. However, you got a good feeling about this one, and it is just starting. This is the very first time that you feel this way, and it may get overwhelming where you can overthink about what is to come. However, don’t you think that this is the right time to take risks? Maybe this is the right time to explore your emotions and feelings. You never expected that love would come your way, and this might be the best time to finally grab this chance. Regardless of that small voice that whispers how much you are afraid of what is to come, the excitement toward this new feeling must be overwhelming. Listen to what your gut feeling truly says. Trust that all will be alright as you go through the motions of life and this new budding relationship. 

One does not have to be always rational to enter into what could be something that leads to eternal happiness. You always aim to be rational as much as you can, and protect your feelings. Guarding your heart has always been your way to go, and although it will keep you safe, there are times when you should let your walls down. Listen to your sense of careless abandon. There is more to life, and you are just getting started with your exploration. Listen to the gut feeling where you are given the chance to get to know yourself more and the people around you. As with making new friends, sometimes we have to play the part of the Fool when welcoming our true love into our lives. There are times when you feel like it is foolish to blindly trust a person. This is not always the case, and you can still take risks and get to know someone albeit not yet bringing all of your cards on the table. Be a bit cautious, but still learn when to take risks. Everyone is a stranger until you take the risk to get to know them personally. So, what are you waiting for? 

Oftentimes, it is by overcoming our social anxieties that we create a happier life with other people. Continue to help yourself be more relaxed, so that you can enjoy life as it is. Playing safe and staying in a corner may keep you free from harm, but would you take that choice if it means being lonely and unhappy for the rest of your days? Let yourself go, and you will be happier and wiser as time goes on. Trust that all will be well in time for you. Time to be foolish enough to make the good choice!

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