Mut Reading 25 DP


(22nd – 31st January and 8th – 22nd September)

Determined, goal orientated, and calm.

Wealth and Career

The creative fountain within is overflowing right now. Your imagination will give you ideas for business and money making that will actually work for you. Rather than ignoring them, write down your ideas when they come to you. Capitalize them when you get the chance and see the success that happens right before your eyes. Your imaginative power is a goldmine that can never be exhausted.

Love and Relationships

The Universe is planning to empower you today. There will be a surge in encouragement and outside help with regards to your lovelife. If you have been lonely or without a partner for some time, take a heads up. Your friends and your general circumstances will be quite cooperative at the moment in your quest for your soulmate.Everything will fall into place, and the romantic bliss that you are looking for will come into your life soon enough.

Health and Protection

It will feel like an uphill battle right now. There will be struggles with regards to your physical training right now. This is normal, as your body is breaking out of its comfort zones the moment you start working out. Have some persistence and self discipline to keep you going. As a supporting habit, try also increasing your intake of protein and vitamins. This will help your body react more positively to the physical strains of training.

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