Mut Reading 31 DP


(22nd – 31st January and 8th – 22nd September)

Determined, goal orientated, and calm.

Wealth and Career

Not all that glitters is gold. Is someone offering you deals that seem too good to be true? Is that job offer or investment really worth it, or is it one big pyramid scam? The world is full of deceivers who are out to get your money. Think twice, and check everything first before going along with it. Your future finances will thank you for not falling into the trap.

Love and Relationships

Anything built upon illusions will soon crumble to pieces. Do you have any wrong beliefs and mistaken ideas about romance? Perhaps you cling to these in your immaturity, and it is affecting how you relate to others. Let go of them, and try to see how love actually works from happy couples themselves! Romance is not only about animal pleasure and your carnal desires. Caring for your partners and helping each other become better people in life is what makes relationships strong.

Health and Protection

Your mind is in a jumble right now. Too many distractions and your body not in a fit state can do that to you. Set some moments aside for refocusing, and try to cut down on your work and mindless entertainment for now. Meditational practices can clear your thoughts, and a good exercise routine can make your body fit enough for proper thinking. A diet of vegetables can also purify you from within. Order and purity are the things needed in your inner world.

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