Osiris Reading 5 DP


(1st – 10th March and 27th November – 18th December)

Intelligent, and trustworthy.

Wealth and Career

Your mind is like a fertile farmland right now. Ideas are sprouting out like freshly sown seeds for a crop. Are you having creative inklings, like for a new invention, a business idea, a book you want to write, or a picture you want to draw? Perhaps you are thinking that you are not worthy of doing those things, but do not let your low self worth talk you out of it! Any product borne out of your artistic genius is a pathway to success and wealth. Feed it, develop it, and share it. It will take you to the top!

Love and Relationships

The ear is ready for listening, the hands are ready for caring. You are in an especially affectionate and compassionate mood today. Do you care about your romantic partner? Do you value your family and friends? Never be ashamed to be open about your positive feelings. Be ready to hear their requests, and to help them with their troubles if need be. Show gratitude and affirmation when you are with others. A person who openly shows love for all is welcomed by all.

Health and Protection

It is when you pay attention that you will know the problem. It is when you are very aware that you can avoid the dangers. Trust your intuition and gut instinct. It does its work to protect you. Do you sense something wrong with your health that needs attention? Do you feel something in certain places that you must avoid? The inner voice is talking, and the higher senses are speaking. Follow what they say and you can steer clear of trouble before you are harmed.

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