Sekhmet Reading 46 DP


(29th July – 11th August and 30th October – 7th November)

Chatty, fun, and positive.

Wealth and Career

For every good thing there is a price. Opportunities for money and better finances are coming to you, but the only gateway for it is through hard work. Your stagnation is due to your mediocrity and fear of connecting with the right set of people. Get out of your shell and start putting in more effort into your goals. Things require a more conscious push on your part if you want to have your wishes come true.

Love and Relationships

Emotions are going to be explosive today. You are likely to go over the top when it comes to confessing your feelings to your romantic interest. There is a danger that you may end up looking like a creep. Keep those feelings in check and do your best to not get overwhelmed. Alternatively, it would be better to channel your inner energies towards doing acts of kindness and charity for others. You can do something constructive and even impress your love interest by revealing your good nature before them.

Health and Protection

Holding back your feelings because you want to be nice is polite, but going overboard can be bad for you. The anguish and stress from what you failed to express can be torture. It is good to have an outlet of some kind.Talking to a good counselor can help you sort out the explosive things inside your thoughts. Doing some creative work like drawing and writing can also work. Releasing your inner fire into something constructive can keep you from harming your health in the future.

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