Seth Reading 13 DP


(28th May – 18th June and 28th September – 2nd October)

Freedom-loving, and adventurous.

Wealth and Career

Problems bring about opportunity. Innovation is the child of necessity. Do you have any issues that seem unsolvable, or shortages that seem crippling? Or what about troubling matters that seem to discourage you? Do not be afraid, but face them all squarely. The act of solving them can be a blessing in disguise, and lead to opportunities that can lead to greater prosperity. After all, things do get better after overcoming adversity.

Love and Relationships

Romance is not always perfect. There will always be nagging feelings that will affect your bond with your partner. It will be your insecurities and doubts which will bother you, and your fears about the future. Take a deep breath and confront those negative emotions from within. Deal with them with a dose of rationality and reality. When you have sorted yourself out, your happiness with your soulmate will return the next day.

Health and Protection

This is a time to be careful. You may backslide to bad habits you once thought were conquered long ago. Never be complacent, because temptations to things of the past can appear where you least expect it. Guard yourself with some self awareness and discipline. Have some healthier alternatives ready. The struggle against vices is a lifelong battle.

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