Seth Reading 4 DP


(28th May – 18th June and 28th September – 2nd October)

Freedom-loving, and adventurous.

Wealth and Career

Small sparks start huge fires. Minor troubles start big quarrels. In your workplace and business there may be conflicts of interest, or hidden emotions that lead to anger. Learn to control your inner heat, and find ways to express feelings constructively. Any outburst can lead to massive fights that will sabotage future success and prosperity. No one wants to work with a person who burns everything down in their rage.

Love and Relationships

Things left unsaid can lead to regret. Do you talk with your romantic partner from time to time? Or are you always busy with life’s distractions? Spoken words of affection, of gratitude, or of quiet correction can do a lot to improve your romance. The death of one’s warm feelings begin when voices turn cold. Set time to communicate, and offer a listening ear when the other one speaks. It is when you express your inner worlds to one another that your love is strengthened even deeper.

Health and Protection

Heated emotions are on the rise. They can make you make risky decisions that can endanger your actual safety. Are you feeling angry most of the time, or constantly sad and tired? Mental and emotional wellbeing is also important. What you think and feel within can change your physical body for better or worse. Take time to calm down and regain your composure. You may hurt yourself if you go out there in an upset inner state.

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