Sheep Reading 36



The Sheep is the eighth animal in the Chinese Horoscope. Those born under this animal sign are known for having delicate thoughts, creativity and resilience. Sheep people are soft on the outside and tough on the inside.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Your daily work will be doing great right now. People will be very satisfied with the product of your efforts and the results of your hard work. Your unique ideas will be recognized also as useful or profitable by others. Keep it up, and soon you will be going places.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

A new romance is coming into your life. If you have been single for quite a while now or you have gotten out of an unhappy relationship lately, this is a perfect time to rediscover happiness. Keep the door open in your life as well, new friends can come in and bless you. Old family members may even reconcile with you if your previous relations with them have soured. Vital connections deserve to be rekindled.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Things are bound to get better. Any difficulties or problems you had with regards to your health will be overcome shortly. The whole Universe is directed towards the healing of your mind and body. Be prepared to adopt a new diet or exercise routine also. Your natural curiosity towards these things will give you benefits you could never imagine.

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