Snake Reading 4



The Snake is enigmatic and mysterious. The sixth sign in the Chinese Animal Horoscope. Intuitive and wise, nevertheless many people born under the Year of the Snake are also secretive about their thoughts and ideas.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Fix any loose ends first. There may be problems in your work or your business that you have not been paying attention to all this time. These could later grow and become troublesome for you in the long run. Dig deep and solve them before they become a liability. Avoid being stubborn and listen to sound advice, too. There will be coworkers, friends, and family who will offer you some right now. The words they say can help you later on with other things you are dealing with.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

This is a perfect time to bond and have fun with your loved one. It does not have to be expensive or complicated. Be creative with how you go about it, but be simple as well. Evening is the best moment for you to do it. A change of scenery and pace will be expected if you go out under the moonlight.

Health, Safety, and Protection

You may have some health or safety issues that need to be addressed now. Do you have a condition that has been bothering you for sometime? Or are you in an unsafe or toxic place right now? Better deal with them now before something worse happens to you. The good news is you will succeed in solving these problems, and a positive change is bound to happen afterwards.

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