Tea Leaf Reading 4 success

tea leaf reading

meaning four


Wealth and success thrive in stability. Suffering and lack comes from instability. Look within, and take stock of your life just now. Are you wasting too much time on vices or empty distractions? Are you overindulging in costly pleasures that waste your money? Time to change those habits with better things that lead to a stable life. Save your cash for what is worthwhile. Focus on work and studies. Those will lead to your progress in the future.


True love thrives where there is a great deal of selflessness. Bonds tend to fray when one is doing otherwise. Are you being self-indulgent, possessive, pleasure-loving, and jealous? Take note of how you are behaving, and see how that affects your romantic partner. If your awful attitude is starting to affect your romance, it is high time to change! Get out of yourself, grow up, and be better person than you once were for the sake of the relationship. Your happiness in love is dependent on how willing you are to improve yourself, and on how much you are willing to give way for your soulmate before your own self.


Good health is built upon stable foundations. Weakness begins when your health is on shaky ground. Check yourself for a while and see how you are feeling most of the time. If you are mostly in a bad shape, try to be more aware of your habits that are draining you. Forgetting to care for yourself and overindulging in irresponsible pleasures can leave lasting consequences. Do not distract yourself from the duty of maintaining your proper well being. Applying discipline and doing the right action to strengthen yourself can give you lasting benefits. 

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